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Amelie Poulain


Le fabuleux destin d’Amelie Poulain! I’ve seen this movie maybe 20 times I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it actually. When I’m feeling down or when I want to see some outstanding sight of Paris I need to see Amelie. In fact this film has been a big phenomenon since its first appearance. So what makes it so special and so unique? Maybe because she was so naïve and having its own way of living as a dreamer.

Warning from the very first beginning! This blog may contain some spoiler. As much as I can I will help myself to give spoilers.

The film is just beginning with a pastel coloured world of Jean Pierre Jeunet. Actually we are familiar with this style from his movie “Delicatessen” and further on we will see it with “Un long dimanche de fiançailles”. Our main character Amelie is a lonely little girl, growing all by herself with her unhidged parents. Even its education is home made, the reason is unusual of course; her parents is convinced that she has something wrong with her heart but it was only the excitement that she felt during his father consultation. The origin of her loneliness just began and then when she grow up, she is still a little girl searching to get rid off her unaccompanied situation. Like everybody else she is living in her own little world, she is just an ordinary girl working in a café of Monmartre. Monmartre is the bohemian area of Paris which suited with her psychological state. Champs Elysee would not be an appopriate for her, she isn’t a fancy character after all. She is observing people, not talking too much or outgoing, she hasn’t a real close friend which she can discuss about the daily stress or girl issue. She is living its own life and not complaining about it, just deal with it and go everywhere by herself. Her father maybe is the only close person to her but he is much worse than her daughter. He isn’t paying attention at all to her daughter or to life of his own. His days are alike to the recent days but he is happy with it. Once Amelie decide to change her father life and then she begin to combine the others lives too. From the day that she saw a happy ending she continues to dream much more harder and to combine many lives to make them happy. But as all characters, she is lonely she need a company of another person like we all do. She isn’t searching at all, she seems just happy with her own life, we aren’t noticing nothing during the film about her man free situation like in American movies.She is unhappy in a way that she isolate herself but  meanwhile that she is combining others life and she make acquaintance with her neighbour, glass man. He is an old man, obsessed with Renoir paintings and trying to do the same paint for many many years. He is unable to go out because of some disease. She gets closer and closer with glass boned man in the meantime she put out with grocer’s shop owner, Monsieur  Collignon. He is a very unpleasant and limited man. He always gets angry with his employee. The other good quality with this film the background voice is always explaining to you our character’s feature and emotional aspect’s. Amelie life’s is changing after that she found that photo book’s of her dream match. She is a big dreamer, she is afraid to jump directly in the love issues because she is soo fragile, she try to escape from all real relationships. She might search for her real love too because as said in film “la vie c’est dure pour les reveurs” (life is difficult for the dreamers). I would not say the end of the film but you can easily imagine I guess. The reason why this film have a great effect on me because the way that it express the relationships and loneliness such a positive way. At the end of the film it’s is rare that you go to bed not imagining the state of her, how she managed her life by herself. I think it’s a classical film of our century.


July 24, 2009 - Posted by | Movies

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