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La Science des Reves


I would like to write about this movie in terms of “dreaming and confusing the reality with the unreality”. Dreaming and being creative… I suppose most of the people are willing to walk the earth in that particular manner. We want in a way, express our selves, we want to be understood, be confirmed, be loved. Being confirmed by the others is that important? The answer to that question is tricky, yes and at the same time no.

Our main character, Stephane is a Mexican boy who will work in Paris. His mother is French that’s why he knows a bit French but he speaks very funny and doesn’t feel himself comfortable while using it. At the beginning of the film we are seeing the imaginary world of Stephane, Stephane TV. He is free to do anything in it, to complain about the daily life, to observe what he did wrong, to say anything, this is his world, his world in his dreams.

He lives in his mother’s appartement. His mother found him a “creative” job in Paris that’s the reason why Stephane came to Paris. He went to his brand new job but he can’t find what he is expecting, the job isn’t that creative at all. He brings with him some of his art work, some paintings that he did, to make a small presentation but nobody ask him to do that, even, nobody asked him to show his portfolio. The job was simple, to make the graphic design of wall calendars, put on it some naked women photo, nothing necessarily to bring into. But being disappointed he accepts he job.

During the film we are always witnessing to the dream world of Stephane, sometimes isn’t that easy to separate the world of dreams and the reality because the director wants us to think in that way. Stephane himself has serious problems to confuse both of them, he is a big dreamer so its survival depends to be creative and make money out of it, if not he is just like an apple pending from the tree.

Meanwhile, he encounters with Stephanie during her relocation into Stephane’s mother’s appartement. Stephanie lives with her girlfriend, Zoe. Stephanie is a quiet, calm, caring girl. She isn’t fancy at all, everyday she wears the same jean, she doesn’t care much with her appearance, she plays piano, she is living into his own world and she seems to be quite peaceful with that. She isn’t brave in relationships, she doesn’t feel sorry or unhappy of being single, she isn’t a type of complaining about it everyday. But Stephane, in contrary, he feels concerned of being lonely, he is the excited one. He is in his unique way, he is the type of not knowing what to do in an unexpected situation between human relationships, he converts this situation in a weird, imaginative, original act , he doesn’t behave like all grown up. He refuses to grow up, that’s why both of them getting closer with each other. They are inventing games, they are making sea from cellophane, clouds from cotton, some kind of made up world. Stephane wants to be an inventor in his professional life, he invents time machine and give it to Stephanie as a present. He changes a poney toy into a galloping poney. He is always jealous with Stephanie but he has no courage to tell her that she loves her he keeps doing weird things to make her understand that he loves her but Stephanie can never be sure of it. That’s the problem between them, they are perfect with each other and they are getting along quite well but as the Stephane confuse the reality with the dream world, they can’t be sure of that love, some kind of miscommunication.

The director Michel Gondry is a French director and his style is always films that make you dream and imagine. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, can be counted among his most successful film. Be kind rewind also was the same type, little things and imaginative worlds. I think I like the way that he express himself in that films, surrealistic in a way. Happy endings and something to dream about before that you go to the bed :).

July 28, 2009 - Posted by | Movies

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