Synchronized Lumière Brothers

Something green, cinematic and melodic

Back encore

I decided to write more often. Yes it’s true that I had been always busy, I will have always something to do, doing grad school is a hard job. You must read, write and search constantly. It’s interesting and fun sometimes because you really feel that you improve yourself. There is nothing monotonous in it. But exams, homeworks and term papers are sometimes getting on my nerves. Like any other job, you aren’t feeling everyday in the mood to study. After a certain age, it becomes more and more difficult.


Ok since that I have tons of things to do, I can’t watch movie like I use to. That’s why I can’t concentrate to write about them, but I try to discover different kind of music, a good song can save the day!


Lately I discovered that blues singer Jonny Lang, which is really really good. I recommend to listen absolutely “Don’t stop (for anything) “. It’s amazing! Actually his album “Turn around” is a great job.

Another great song is from John Mayer “ Dreaming with a Broken Heart”. I discovered him from the soundtrack album of House M.D. with “Gravity”. His album “Continuum” is worth to listen!

“Ensemble C’est Tout”  is a great french movie its music too!  The opening and the song that you hear most of the time while seeing the movie is  “Le Restaurant des Voyageurs”. The movie is about a young girl (Audrey Tautou) which had difficulties to get into the relationships. The theme seems to be quite cliche but well worked.




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