Synchronized Lumière Brothers

Something green, cinematic and melodic

500 Days Of Summer

Opening: A man with a deep voice

We should know up front, this is not a love story

Summer met Tom. It’s obvious that she is not falling in love with him, she is independent and very attached to her inner world. She knows how to entertain herself, she is happy inside. On the other hand Tom is always sad when he is alone, always searching for something, he thinks that he can save himself with Summer. He falls in love immediately with her, because he believes in love. Only Summer can’t tell that she believes in love, she is afraid and more realistic.

What’s the balance in relationships? One side loves more the other side runs and viceversa. Is there any recepy for maintaing the equilibrium? (now I’m feeling that I’m Carrie Bradshaw, damn!) Well is just only really you understand when you live, you see. But in real world as we grow older, there is no such thing called love immediate. You see someone, like him/ her than you begin to dream about it. If all the circumstances are fitting you have the chance to know the other side. Than if you’re available you begin to say ” why the hell not?”. It’s only the matter of right time with right person. The story shows us this fact. The girl seem to leave him but really there is no such side called aggrieved.

You should see this movie. You will see it again again to catch the conversations and music.


February 10, 2010 - Posted by | Movies

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