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Sunset Boulevard

Black and white movies are just like a treasure to be found. Well Sunset Boulevard is the popular one. About an old silent movie star, Norma Desmond,  obssesed being “Star” and can’t think anything else. She is a wealthy star indeed. A broke young screenplay writer, Joe Gillis, who somehow find himself in her house. She first bring him in to work on for her unavailing script, then she falls in love with him. The house which she lives in is a odd place and she has weird and loyal servant, Max, as much as the house itself. He makes her believe that she is still a big star, he treates her like that.

The movie atmosphere and the music never gets shinny as in “Singing in The Rain”, always we fell tense during the film because of the Norma Desmond raving’s and the fake world that she lives in. She is  deeply neurotic and Joe is trapped between her and his poor but happy life. Betty Schaefer is a young lady working in Paramount Pictures studio’s as a reader. As Joe wants to get away from his life in the big Norma’s palace, Betty and him gets closer to each other. We know the end from the beginning, it ends in a pool with a floating body on it.

Worth watching this movie. The actors are amazing, the atmosphere and the strong feeling that we fell right after as well. Great shoot and a classic of all times. Made me curious about silent movies and made me think, what about those silent movie actors/ actress were seen the technology in the movies nowadays? They probably had a heart attack.


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