Synchronized Lumière Brothers

Something green, cinematic and melodic

Away We Go

If you want to feel warm and peaceful.

It’s strange what a movie can make you feel. Peaceful, full of hope.

Basic lives, basic worries. This is not an underestimation of our characters but only a mirror how we run from a place to the other. Love is easy, living is hard but its complication is in our hands. Yes, one can’t find job, doesn’t like what she/he is doing. The others are lonely but that’s ok, no big deal, they go on. Not every movie is like that of course but they aren’t trapped in daily worries at least they seem not to be. They can go. Away they go.

We want to be approved by society, loved by them, felt that love is real. Approval by society dominates our lives. We must grow faster, must be married, must have children. Crazy and different things are judged by being irrational. We want to be successful in our jobs, we try really hard for that because we want to live good lives, a life of full of quality. The joy for some us is dealing with art, for some us the science. Or for some of us, only gaining money is important, is a tool doesn’t matter the rest. Well the choices make our lives, we are the architect of our own lives (doesn’t matter how much this phrase is clichee, doesn’t make it less true). We can our buildings as funny as Gaudi or simple as Corbusier. The material within our hands help to shape up but the voices outside is so many, we can’t hear our own voices. The people are so different, while we try to understand them, we lost ourselves. We want just things could have been as easy as it in the movies. A house, an ocean sight, climbing to a mountain, lying in the grass, a bicycle, a fancy dress, a kiss, a blanket, a tea with lemon, a beautiful girl,boy, a car, a green country side view, a boat, a sea, a perfect body, perfect talents… Life is within the movies. Maybe this is what can think a dreamer but this is not a reason to believe things can’t happen like in the movies. Because this is life, life within my frames as it in real life.  Sorrow are real, happiness as well. No harm to believe in that.

At the end of the roads, wish to find our peaceful home.


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