Synchronized Lumière Brothers

Something green, cinematic and melodic

Nanny Mcphee

Sometimes it’s good to watch a child movie. Emma Thompson and Colin Firth, point!


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It’s A Wonderful Life

Naive and old times…

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A Serious Man

Mazel tov to the Coen Brothers

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Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… and Spring

Sometimes you feel just peaceful right after a movie. Bom yeorum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom is one of its kind. Not much conversation but somehow you don’t get bored. Emotions lived by our characters are so much powerful you keep thinking that you forgot about listening to yourself in course of city life and you get lost in everyday worries. You can see Kim Ki Duk in the movie as well. Beauty lies within the frames.

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Departures (Okuribito)

A cello player who become an encoffiner.

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Lars and The Real Girl

What about a shy guy from a small town falling in love with a plastic sex doll ?

L is for the way you look at me

O is for yhe only one I see

V is very, very extraordinary

E is even more that anyone that you adore can

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An Education

Sous le ciel de Paris
S’envole une chanson hum hum
Elle est née d’aujourd’hui
Dans le coeur d’un garçon

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500 Days Of Summer

Opening: A man with a deep voice

We should know up front, this is not a love story

Summer met Tom. It’s obvious that she is not falling in love with him, she is independent and very attached to her inner world. She knows how to entertain herself, she is happy inside. On the other hand Tom is always sad when he is alone, always searching for something, he thinks that he can save himself with Summer. He falls in love immediately with her, because he believes in love. Only Summer can’t tell that she believes in love, she is afraid and more realistic.

What’s the balance in relationships? One side loves more the other side runs and viceversa. Is there any recepy for maintaing the equilibrium? (now I’m feeling that I’m Carrie Bradshaw, damn!) Well is just only really you understand when you live, you see. But in real world as we grow older, there is no such thing called love immediate. You see someone, like him/ her than you begin to dream about it. If all the circumstances are fitting you have the chance to know the other side. Than if you’re available you begin to say ” why the hell not?”. It’s only the matter of right time with right person. The story shows us this fact. The girl seem to leave him but really there is no such side called aggrieved.

You should see this movie. You will see it again again to catch the conversations and music.

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Before Sunrise Before Sunset

Before Sunset

It has been a long time since I wrote my last blog. Yes, I was in vacation while working on my other writings and now I am back in the town, I spend most of my time, going from a place to another, which takes me at least 1 hour in crazy Istanbul traffic jam.

I was planning to write about these movies for a long time. It has a special place in my cinema memoir since it based on travel and love. See both together on the scene, it gives an unforgettable happiness, dream, hope about love and a certain unexpected tranquility, at least to me.

Before Sunrise which is the first movie of the serie, began with the train rails view accompanied with classical music in the context of Vienna. Plenty of people who travel with trains across Europe. The feeling inside them is a shaky baby cradle voyage probably. Some of them are thinking what to eat or cook when they will be returned to home. Or some of them are feeling how to unpack their luggages.

They are calmy reading their books. The trip is heading to Austria. An Austrian couple is fighting. Our french girl, Celine (Julie Delpy), is bothered from this annoying couple, unable to concentrate on her book and changed its place, next to an American boy, Jesse (Ethan Hawke), who is reading as well. In that moment, Celine is noticing him and Jesse to her. But Jesse who can’t resist to content himself just only by looking to her, commences the first conversation which will continue one whole day long. They began to talk from random things but not that shallow. They are not asking themselves directly their names or what are they doing in life, they are beginning the conversation smoothly and are continuing it on the lunch place of train. Obstacle is Jesse has to descend from the train on the Austria but Celine will continue her journey up to Paris. Randomly, suddenly Jesse return to persuade Celine to continue their conversation in Austria. Totally random person, they don’t know each other at all, there is no reason they trust each other, but that moment when Jesse asked Celine to come with him, is the moment when you know you can trust that person. This feeling is rare but somehow you know that the person is trustworthy ,maybe in the world of the dreamers, you want to believe. Everyday you live in a box with the fear of strangers, especially if you live in a big city, it’s impossibile to trust someone. But Celine is a relax and “carpe diem” person, she is the type of letting people get into her life, not covering herself from the moment. That’s why she suffered from love a lot, which we will learn after, she has no complex at all. Jesse is a little bit childish and like adolescent in a way, full time dreamer and romantic as well and for the female viewers of the movie, is like a total dream boy. He is handsome, polite, can make intellectual conversation, he is always on the go, he is doing totally random and unexpected things, he is caring and while he speaks toward you, looks directly into your eyes. He is really paying attention what you are talking about and can continue a conversation. Who can reject such a type? But as the movie goes, we understand more of his character. He is not a psychopathic at all, but like everybody else he is not perfect. Like Celine. As they talk and getting know each other, are doing some different activities in Vienna, we are observing their state of  “not being perfect”.

After doing many different conversation, mostly about man and women relationships, they ended up promising themselves to see each other after 6 months, in december at the Vienna train station.

How come a movie can be that fascinating without even seeing some action or anything interesting, only conversation, love and good views of an European city? I think mostly travelers, backpackers and somehow people who like doing random things in life are a big admirer of that film. We all want to meet completely random person on the street without have the concern to influence a man or women of our entourage. A stranger on the road is like a new meal that you never tasted, you are wondering what’s like and if that person is from another nationality the differences and the things that you can discover is increasing and the level of curiosity as well.

The second film “Before Sunset” filmed after 9 years, they waited that our characters became old. It’s obvious that they couldn’t make it, they couldn’t see each other after 6 months like they promised on the train station.

The movie opens in the Shakespeare’s Bookstore in Paris, inside Jesse giving interview to the journalists. He came to Paris to introduce his new book which inspired from the love adventure of 9 years in Vienna with Celine. After the interview when Jesse get out from the bookstore, saw Celine, waiting for him. This is the unexpected thing for Jesse, and he became so excited because he said that he waited for that moment so long, now it’s normal that he surprised. They begin immediately to talk and walk again. Celine is now working for an environmental protection organization and Jesse became a writer. At the beginning of their conversation, it’s noticed that they are not that honest to each other like 9 years ago. They grew up, they aren’t 24 anymore. They have more responsibilities, they are living their own lives. They found themselves sitting in a caffe near to the bookstore. We are seeing again fascinating sightseeing of Paris, narrow and cute streets, which seems to be poetic to us. Probably if we ever go in that bookstore in Paris and then walk these streets we will have the sense of live in a movie scene, but without Jesse or Celine next to us.

They began again talk endlessly but interesting subject again. Celine came to be very idealistic person, she is very active in environmental issues and she is involved with social project. That’s why Jesse is admiring her saying that she is really doing something meanwhile he has the feeling that he is not dealing with that much with idealistic issues. The talk between them at the very beginning is not about love comparing with the conversation of the 9 years ago, they are talking about world issues. But then as they are walking next to each other, they became to talk about 9 years ago and their relationships nowadays. Jesse became a married man with one boy meanwhile Celine is still single, jumping a relationship from another, she became tired of that process, searching for someone and marry with him. She became a model of single, successful, calm women, who feed cat in the house and neurotic in a way. She lose her faith in the real love and now she turned into a women that’s desperately searching for love but inside not believing true or romantic love which cause her an emptiness. While Jesse keeps telling her that’s she was the only one for him and he dream for a while everyday of her. Jesse showed after that 6 months later in Vienna but Celine couldn’t because of her grandmother funeral. The day that she must showed herself in that train station, her grandmother died. After that information Jesse relieved but somehow he regretted all the time why Celine didn’t showed up. He keeps thinking that their lives can be so much different and he said that even if he is married and have a child. That’s why Celine pissed off, she became angry with him, she missed the times when she was full of hope and now she grew up, the emptiness and the dreamer state of her just gone away.

These two films want to tell about something to us, maybe not loosing faith for love or living random beautiful things in life or not to talk to strangers for not feel sorry after not live a longdistance relationships. I’am just kidding about the part to not talk with strangers phrase but still, we have to letting in people in our lives, sometimes we must not to thing too much, being a child for a moment. This is a very cliché things to say; don’t lose the child inside you but even I didn’t think one day I will end up using that phrase I want to use it for this film, because it fits. As we getting older we are limiting ourselves living, because we have so much more responsibilities. And sometimes the wanted can’t be lived because of the circumstances, whatever we do, we can’t reach to our shinny hopes in life.


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Garden State


The movie begins with a melancholic atmosphere, good indie music is accompanied with the opening scene. Andrew Largeman is dreaming of a crashing plane while everybody is panicking, he stays calm and thinking.  The main character (Zach Braff) is quite popular from the tv serie, Scrubs. It’s his first experience sitting in director’s chair. But he got us in his world from the beginning with his cold and “I want to feel something but I feel nothing” looks.

The main theme is about our main character “ Andrew Largeman”. He come to his home town, New Jersey, after 9 years to his mother’s funeral. We understand that he had some serious issues with his dad. While he was gone, he is trying to became an actor. After his mother’s funeral, occasional family friends are appeared in the scene. A lady friend of his mother asked him to wear a shirt made from the same design of the bathroom wallpapers because her mother did. We are observing the psychological state of  Andrew Largeman in front of that wallpaper, doesn’t probably think anything about the situation, how odd or not, don’t judge anybody, just go with the follow, accepts all. He is heavily medicated since the age of 9, he is a natural grown up since that age because of the things that he had been gone through. At the same time he is in possession of a child emotion, so fragile. His relation between his father is quite tense, they are trying to speak with each other but nothing deep is coming up.

Andrew Largeman’s friends invites him to a party but this party give the impression of being an teenager party. When Andrew come for the first time into the party the way that his friends say hi to him, is not that sincere that all, some surprise after all, 9 years is a long time. They all are happy to see him but they are doing nothing special to him, just trying to adapt themselves to the existence of him. This party scene tells lots about the 80 generation. Having fun is the indispensable issue but while entertaining themselves, they are not sharing that much, not solving the daily problems or psychological state of them. They try to solve themselves first. They are happy to consume.  They are using drags and forgetting about the life for that day but they are so confuse to find their way, the other day became much worst than the previous one. Real happiness is a rare thing to see among the friends of Largeman, they will probably say “fuck you, what the hell is real happiness? ” to that phrase. Largeman, in contrary, find weird that adolescent party mentality. The others don’t mind but for Largeman, we can say that, his style is not to party that way and play spin the bottle.

Later on, he meet with Samantha (Natalie Portman) at the dentist waiting room. Samantha is a great indie music listener and she made him listen “Shins”.   They are getting well with each other, nothing planned, they didn’t excepting to be good that much, they are like they see each other everyday. The reason of that sense is that they are both relax types and Samantha especially is a crazy an unusual girl. She can make extraordinary things and she have the power to show you different things and getting you up high in sky in if you let her to do. From the dentist scene we understand that, Andrew used to go to shrink but the problem is that shrink is his father. We can’t understand why he didn’t came to his home town after so many years but we can easily predict that his lonely state.

Samantha and Andrew are sharing much things in 3 days. They fell in love with each other and while Andrew is with Sam, his depressive state turns to be happy state and because Sam is a happy, positive, outgoing, caring and clever girl. They are feeling something big in that 3 days. Like a fairy tale but they are just good for themselves. Pool scene tells us a lot about why Andrew is in such a sad sitiation. His father is blaming him about his mother disabled situation because when Andrew was 9, accidentally cause his mother condition. Then he begins to take medication. He just need love and to be loved because he was lonely since 9, he didn’t see much affection from his father. Maybe he did but in a negative way he felt that his father is always blaming him. That’s why he can’t communicate with his father after funeral. The day that they went to the hill and visit some friends is the day that they understand  true love and being peaceful inside for real. The happiness of consume things and be happy only for a while is gone while they’re seeing such a happy couple, living in the middle of the forest and don’t need much.

Garden state is a movie of our generation. The problems of our generation is shown in a fairy tale love story. That’s why you can say “maybe one day, I will find my random love ”. The film are full of good music and witty quotes. That’s why it’s comforting to watch this movie over and over again.

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